Wounded Warrior Project Table Raffle
06/14/2012 01:31 PM

A group of men from Middlefield and from the local Middlefield United Methodist Church built this fancy steel framed picnic table.

It will be raffled off at the Great Geauga County Fair 4th of July fireworks display this summer. In cooperation with the Burton American Legion. All the money will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

1. GoldKey donated all the stainless steel screws and bolts
2. Progressive Building Supply donated the Clear grain Ash hardwood
3. Newbury Sand Blasting donated the blasting and painting of the frames
4. Al Skinner donated all the edge routing and cutting of the Ash boards
5. Middlefield Sign donated the stencil for the painted flag
6. Bradford Neal Machinery donated a the place to build it
7. Liberty Fabricating donated some of the steel and welding

This picture shows the finished table and four benches. It is 40" wide and 84" long, the benches are separate.

The 4 mounting pads for the table are painted different colors. One red, one white and one blue for the American colors.

The last one is painted Gold for the Gold effort all the US military put forth for this country.

Jim Skinner, Bradford Neal Machinery, Inc

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