Since 1976, Newbury Sandblasting and Painting has been serving
Commercial, Industrial, Farm, Home and Automotive Industry needs.

Our high performance coating systems include: epoxy, urethane, zinc-rich primers, epoxies, Industrial enamel, coal tar, tank linings, industrial alkyd, enamel and others. We work to high quality, close tolerance specifications including: nuclear, offshore, corrosive environments, pulp and paper, chemical processing, military, and atmospheric. Because we know you can't afford to be with out your equipment, turnaround time and scheduling are so important as we serve you that we'll double crew for your job.

The Newbury Sandblasting & Painting reputation and the quality of our work have earned us a customer return rate of over 95%. In order to provide valuable service, we confirm our understanding of the project before we begin. We will sandblast and paint large and small jobs including commercial, farm and home items such as trucks, loaders, tractors, trailers, landscape equipment, signs, lawn furniture and antiques. We work with our customers to specify the best blasting and coating system for the application and environment. 

We'll sandblast to bare metal; all types of substrates including: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, galvanized, nickel, titanium and other exotic materials. At Newbury Sandblasting, we use all types of blast media such as: starblast, black beauty, aluminum oxide, steel grit, glass, and plastic media (for sheet metal, automotive, aircraft). We have over 30 years experience and we consider the durability of our work to be as good as new.